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Menu card


Beef Brisket
with root vegetables
and soup pearls

Carrot Ginger Soup
with baked salmon pralines


Fresh Cucumber Salad
with onions and a honey-thyme vinaigrette

Crisp Lettuce Salad
with roasted croutons, sunflower seeds,
and a carrot-ginger dressing
with grilled strips of beef fillet or 3 shrimps

Main Dishes

Fresh Free-Range Steak Tartare
with egg yolk, capers, onions,
pickled cucumber, and bread baked in a wood oven
100g €16.90
160g €19.90

Roasted and Sliced Waldviertel
Blood Sausage on potato nutmeg puree,
with caramelized Calvados apples
and fresh horseradish

Grass-Fed Roast Beef with Onions
with a strong onion sauce,
butter spätzle, and fried onions

Wiener Schnitzel
grass-fed beef with potato cucumber salad,
cranberries, and lemon
small portion

Grilled Venison
veal medallion, lamb chops,
and grilled rumpsteak with green beans
and baked sweet potato

Berlin Calf’s Liver
with mashed potatoes,
caramelized Calvados apples,
braised onions, and cranberry juice

Fillet Steak
grass-fed beef with sauteed king oyster mushrooms
and buttered mashed potatoes

Grilled Fillet of Lamb
served on a parmesan risotto
and red wine shallots

Fillet of Veal
with fresh truffles
gnocchi and mushrooms
in a madeira sauce

Burgers & Steaks

Black Angus Burger
with truffle cream, lettuce, tomatoes, pickled gherkins, red onions, and sweet potato fries

Black Angus Beef from Argentina
all steaks are served medium rare and served with house-made herb butter

200g 18,90€
300g 27,90€

Filet steak
150g 20,90€
200g 26,90€

Veal filet
150g 20,90€
200g 26,90€

For true meat lovers we have a premium entrecote by John Stone, which we prepare at around 800C*.

John Stone Irish Dry Aged Entrecote
We use best Irish beef, raised traditionally and naturally on Irish pastures. The three-week maturation of the bones is the secret to the tenderness and the excellent taste.
300g €35.00 // 500g €52.00

Side dishes

Sweet potato fries – €4.50
French fries – €4.50
Baked sweet potato – €4.50
Vegetable of the day – €4.50

Rosemary potatoes – €4.50
Braised onions – €2.50
Hollandaise sauce – €3.50
Creamy pepper sauce – €3.50


Pike-Perch Fillet
grilled hake
served on baby spinach
parsley potatoes and mustard-dill sauce

Poached Red Mullet
with honey mustard vegetables
and lime-caper butter

Grilled Trout in Aluminum Foil
with fresh herbs and spices lemon-thyme potatoes
and a green salad with vinegar and oil

Brown Trout
roasted in almond butter
with parsley potatoes
and creamed horse radish

Northsea Herring Fillet
with roasted potatoes,
a cream sauce, and a salad bouquet

Roasted Shrimp
with aioli and an herbed baguette
500g €25,00 // 1000g €49,00


Allgäu Cheese Spätzle
with fried onions and a small cucumber salad

House-made Spinach Ravioli
with goat cheese au gratin, walnuts, fresh herbs,
arugula, and grated parmesan

Children’s Menu

Kids‘ Schnitzel
with french fries

Junior Burger
with french fries

Homemade Waffles
savory or sweet
– filled with applesauce
– filled with plum compote
– filled with spinach and cheese


Kaiserschmarrn (baked sugar pancakes)
served with homemade stewed plums and vanilla ice cream
If possible, please place your order 20 minutes in advance.

Hand-Whipped Lemon Sorbet
mit campari, orange slices and fresh mint

Warm Peach Lime Pie
with a sunflower seed honey crunch
and bourbon vanilla ice cream

Lemon Buttermilk Panna Cotta

rhubarb grenadine compote
und Mango Sorbe


Valrohna Chocolate Sundae
Three scoops of chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce, Valrohna chocolate drops 
and whipped cream

After Eight Classic
One scoop of walnut ice cream, one scoop of lemon ice cream, with After Eight and fresh peppermind liquor and whipped cream

Smooth Ice Cream

made in Berlin
vanilla bourbon, 
Belgian chocolate, 
strawberry, mango-lime, lemon
€2.00 per scoop

Five varieties of fine cheese
with fruit cake and fig mustard
100g – €7.80
150g – €11.50

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